The Lost Art of Approaching Women

If every man on the planet knew how to approach women, we would have a world full of suave men and nobody would be single. The reality is, though, that many, if not most, men do not know how to approach a woman. It is unfortunate because this simple skill will greatly improve your chances of getting a date or even simply just buying a girl a drink and having a good time. If you follow these simple pointers, you'll find that approaching a woman is not very hard at all …

Even if you're not a Romeo or a Brad Pitt, you should be able to attract and approach women. The truth is that most women do not care what you look like, how much money you have, or what your social status is. Sure, in a bar when they're around their friends, they'll tell you otherwise. But when it comes to actually talking to and dating a man, they're looking for something completely different: confidence.

If you take a look around, you will find many men who are not very good looking, and do not have a dime to their name, yet are able to approach women, successfully, time and time again. The key there is that they're confident and they offer something new and refreshing to the girl.

You have to understand, girls are used to getting hit on repeatedly by the guys that all look, talk, and act the same exact way. If you are sure of yourself, and you offer an attitude that completely changes her expectations, you will be surprised to see how many are willing to say yes to a date afterwards.

Source by Nicolette DelSignore