Sex Positions to Get Pregnant – Conceive Faster With The Right Positions

Did you know that there are certain sex positions to get pregnant? It may be true! Although some people may disagree, many believe that the positions that you use when trying to conceive can actually make or break your chances.

But what are these positions? Take a look at the following list.

Good Positions

  1. Missionary. Traditional, yes, but it also works. In the missionary position, the woman is lying down, which helps keep the sperm inside. It also allows for deep penetration, placing the sperm closer to the cervix. If the timing is right, there's a good chance for the sperm to enter the cervix and reach the egg.
  2. Hands and Knees. This position works well for women who have a tipped uterus, as this puts the uterus in a better position. Like the missionary position, it allows for deep penetration, which can help conception.
  3. Yawning Position. This is a kama sutra name for the position where the woman is lying back and her legs are on her partner's shoulders. This also allows the sperm to stay inside.

Bad Positions

  1. Woman-on-top. Any position that has the woman on top is not the best position for conceiving because there's a chance that sperm will leak out. You want to keep as much sperm inside the vagina as possible.
  2. Standing Position. As in the woman-on-top position, standing positions do not allow as much sperm to stay inside.
  3. Sitting Positions. In positions where you are sitting, the penetration is not as deep. Deeper penetration can increase your chances of conceiving.

Bonus Tips

It can also be helpful to place a small pillow under the woman's buttocks when having sex in missionary position, this small adjustment can help things to line up correctly. Additionally, the woman should remain laying down as long as possible, so that more sperm can travel towards the egg. The more sperm you have trying to fertilize the egg, the more likely you are to get pregnant.

Source by Jess McCulley