Day 322 of 365 (Monday) – I felt quite emotional taking the children back to school today. I think the holidays had been a bit of a wall that my return to work could hide behind. I felt pulled in different directions – wanting to do some photography as that has been pretty much on hold over the holidays, but also wanting to get things sorted for going back to work, yet also wanting to savour my time with baby. I kept getting hit by the sadness of leaving baby behind when I go to work, and soon recognised my heart wouldn’t be in taking photos. After a while of walking aimlessly around baby woke up and we went to the beach. This snap was taken after we’d been for a paddle. I was just treasuring being able to feed him whenever he needs. Feeding him creates little pauses in our day that often seem to benefit us both.

My partner and I have had in our heads I have only two more weeks at home, but checked my diary this afternoon and were pleased to see it is actually three more weeks.

Posted by Sian74 on 2012-04-16 16:47:23

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