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New Ideas For Baby Shower Invitations and Decorations

If you are going to host a baby shower, I am sure you want everything to be perfect. The first thing you need to do is get together with the mom-to-be and decide on a theme for the party. The next step is to find baby shower invitations to match your theme. This is so easy to do with all the options available to customize your cards. A great way to go is to have the babies invitations match the theme of your festivity. If your theme is pretty pink, customize your shower invites to match.

Working within the same theme for the whole event will make organizing the party much easier. Your shower decorations can be more than balloons. After you have your invitations, you can get started on the rest of the planning. Even if you are not the most creative person, you can have a blast with the decorations. You can go with the more traditional balloons, umbrellas and streamers or you can go all out with some fashionable new ideas. It all depends on what your guest of honor wants, and how much time and money you are willing to spend. If your shower has a teddy bear theme, you can buy a very large stuffed teddy bear and have the guests put their gifts around it, at the end of the event, give the bear to the mom-to-be. They also sell bear shaped balloons and fun snacks like Teddy Grahams.

Just use your imagination, but try to stick to the theme. Is there any unique shower games? Parties should be fun. One way people try to add entertainment is by playing shower games. They were a way to give guests something to do between eating and watching the mom-to-be open her gifts. They are also good ice breakers if there are many people at the party who do not know each other yet. The problem is that there are not very many different games to choose from. Even though your guests will play along, they have probably played the same games many times before. A new trend in baby showers now is to discard the typical baby shower games for more up to date entertainment ideas.

A popular choice now is to have a coed, couples or a family shower. These are great casual events where male guests are more comfortable. Have a cook-out with some good music playing and let everyone mix and mingle. If your party takes place when it's cold out, try having an indoor luau! Remember to make your baby shower invitation clear if the shower is for couples, coed or for the whole family as these events are not common when it comes to baby showers. Also, let your guests know about any special instructions if it's a surprise shower or if they should bring a swimsuit or dress Hawaiian.

What about the food? One of the best things at a shower is what you will serve. This could be anything from finger foods to a sit down dinner and everything in between. If your festivity is at a time when people would be eating breakfast, lunch or dinner they will assume you are serving a meal. If your festivity will include a full meal you may want to note that on your baby shower invitations. A popular trend is to plan you menu to go with your theme. One thing everyone likes to have at a shower is a scrumptious dessert. If you decide on a more traditional cake or a chic triffle, top off the shower with a great dessert. With so much information online, there are tons of great shower ideas out there for all the new trends in baby parties. It's definitely a lot to do, but just relax and have fun with it. A smart starting point is with customizing great baby shower invitations and you are on your way to an excellent event!

Source by Danielle DeMarco