Enticing Clients

Have you been approaching in finding clients from the perspective that, the person you are seeking is in short supply?

It's no wonder that you do not have the time to collect or even want to. Who wants to put themselves out, when it will only lead to frustration and disappointment and maybe even a heartache? I often surprised when my ship was going to come in too, particularly when I was at the airport.

It reminds me of my shopping trip for shoes. I was only finding the wrong size, color and styles. All I was looking for were a pair of comfortable walking shoes. On Sale! Did I find some sales? Yes – BUY 2 and get the 3rd pair FREE. BUY a pair and get the 2nd pair at 50% off. Exception I was only looking for one pair of shoes. Was this too much to ask for?

Several stores later, apparently so. However, I did find my pair of shoes. The color I wanted, similar style of shoes like my Lizards and at a great price! What's my shopping story got to do with shopping for a soul mate? Sometimes, we have to do some shopping until we find what we really want. Most of us know what we do not want, but do we really know what we want?

That's why "If looking for clients in and the wrong places" may sound like a broken record, or do you decide this is the time to give up shopping or think what's the use? Unless you have a plan in how you are going to attract or entice clients.

You'll have a wide variety of places to look for them, different aspects, characteristics and qualities that you want to have in plan for getting a romantic partner. Just like I had lots of places to look for my shoes, until I narrowed down the store I was not going to find the type of shoes I really wanted.

How will you know when your client plan is working?

  • You'll have more openings
  • More choices in where you'll find your clients
  • More responses you'll have when you are clear of what you want
  • You'll have more fun
  • You'll be more confident & happier

How would your life change if you had more clients?

I know by creating a client plan works, as I did my plan in October 2007 and my new clients showed up February 2008. It took me some time, now they are perfect for me. I know once you decide what you want, they'll show up for you too! I have a wonderful life, more freedom.

Source by Mari-Lyn Hudson