Do Men Prefer Curvy Or Skinny?

If a man has a choice, does he prefer curvy or skinny women? Is there more appealing for a man in a woman who has the perfect figure of Miss America? Or is he more turned on by the skinny, sculpted look of a runway model? The argument between men continues to rage as they discuss their preference for curvy or skinny women.

But when it comes right down to it, it really is a matter of personal preference as to which body type men prefer. The good news is that a man who is associated to you will likely favor your body type. And that's good because you are who you are, for the most part.

The media plays a big role in influencing our idea of ​​the perfect body shape. Curvy women have been known to strive for the perfect 36 – 24 – 36, that looks spectacular in a swim suit or evening gown.

But few women can achieve this naturally. Look at the before and after picture of certain celebrities, and you can see that there are breast implants and sculpted butts contributing to the spectacular appearance.

Even though men love to look, they much prefer more of the natural curves and less of the made in Hollywood ones. They know how unrealistic it is to expect a normal woman to look like that.

And if truth be told, it takes a really confident and drop dead handsome guy to want to be with a spectacular looking woman. There's that nagging fear that he might not measure up

Then there is the sleek athletic look of the skinny woman. They can be appealing to those men who are into women who lead a carefree active lifestyle because, unless taken to dangerous extremes, these women look healthy. The perception by men is that dating a woman like that will probably be more relaxed and fun.

But some women like this do not have an inch of fat anywhere. For them, this look comes at great cost. To get that starved skinny appearance, they have to border on anorexia. They're fooling themselves if they think that men find that look to be appealing.

Although some men may have a strong preference for either curvy or skinny women, most men are really just looking for a woman who is more middle-of-the-road in appearance. Being average in weight and measurements is not a bad thing. It lets you focus on other things that are more important than how you look, like your personality.

Any woman who takes her appearance to extremes one way or the other is often seen as being high maintenance and attention seeking because she is placing such a huge emphasis on her appearance.

If the truth be told, women who take care of themselves by being fit and maintaining a normal healthy weight are far more appealing to men than the curvy or skinny women that you see in magazines or on TV.

Source by Evangeline K Harris