Considering Abortion? Think Again! The Energetic Embryo Before Three Months

My husband Neil and I was in the Adirondacks on a camping trip. We stopped at a K-Mart to buy some supplies. It was time for another challenge. As we stood on the checkout line, I noticed Neil observing the checkout girl who was pregnant. He turned to me, "What do you see?" I got mad. How could he expect me to read someone not even born yet? He said, "Just look." Take a clairvoyant fix on the mother and read the baby when we get home. " I felt so insecure about this one I asked the young woman (she was about 23) how many months was she pregnant and did she know if it was a boy or a girl. She was seven months pregnant and the doctor told her it was a boy. Well, at least I had that much. This baby was Larry, my very first fetus reading. Of course, when I looked it was easy. It was all right there. There were so many things that I saw that were totally amazing. What I was seeing was continuously blowing my mind.

I had the wonderful experience of seeing the following events in bright energetic colors and swirls of energy. I hope my words can convey something close to my experience.

"I am seeing some sort of consciousness-a spark-actually, life. It is as if the consciousness of the embryo is sleeping, but there is consciousness in this little spark. no self-awareness. It is within all the physical cells that are making up the egg. I see it as energy in the cells, the way they are spinning, multiplying, and being put together. The coding is a certain kind of intelligence and that is a certain kind of life. That life is expanding, growing, and going according to the genetic or DNA plan. "

As I said, "The intelligence within the cells does not seem to be a consciousness in the way we know it like thinking or choosing. I am seeing in the very first stages of life and it is occurring in the fallopian tube. no thinking as we know it, but there is intelligence that is doing its own thing. It does not seem to be aware of itself. This intelligence seems to be the genetic coding or the DNA. "

At eight weeks in the womb, "The embryo still appears unaware of himself, and seems not to be thinking, feeling, or aware of anything outside. kind of feeling consciousness. He now seems to have an awareness of himself. He seems aware of his own life, much as we adults would be aware that we are alive. , but nonetheless is able to have awareness of itself and able to make physical movements.

During the next four weeks, "The embryo is growing fast." I see seeing him moving more and more. , the process of moving seems to be triggering the process of self-awareness. himself, and aware of his movements, and his movements in turn are helping him to become increasingly aware of himself and his boundaries. "

At three months in the womb, "The embryo has technically become a fetus." I'm not seeing the baby's awareness being focused outward as it was. , he is starting to become aware of sounds in his mother's body and sounds coming from outside of the womb.

Up until this time, he appeared to be living totally within himself and his own fluid environment. He was not aware of anything else other than his own movements and the fluid his movements disturbed. But, now with the event of being able to hear his attention is being drawn outward. "

As the months go by, this baby is exploring, learning and becoming a person. By the sixth month in the womb, scientists tell us that a baby is as psychologically sophisticated as a one year old infant! Human life begins at conception. I have seen it with my own clairvoyant eyes!

Source by Jean Mastellone