Baby Shower

A baby shower is a beautiful display of love and caring in the form of a party to welcome a new life into the world.

Traditionally, a baby shower is thrown by a non-relative, usually a friend, college from work, symbolic aunt etc. However, today, even close friends, family members and relatives take an active role in organizing the baby shower. It is not uncommon for more than one person to host a baby shower as it may prove to be economic with all of them sharing costs. Moreover, several people chipping in their ideas, themes and responsibilities can be quite enjoyable and exciting.

Typically, a baby shower is thrown one or two months before the baby is born; never later than that, as it may coincide with an early delivery. It is helpful to have it far away so that the parents-to-be can return duplicate recipients received during the shower, exchange the ones they do not want and build the ones that need assembly. It will also give them a fair idea of ​​what they need to buy before their tot arrives.

The guest list consists of close friends and relatives of the mother-to-be and usually includes only women. It is better to run the list off the mother-to-be to ensure that no one is left out. The invitations can be sent by e-mail, phone calls or pre-printed cards.

The location of the shower will of course depend on what kind of atmosphere you are looking for as well as your budget. You could have it in your home or backyard if the weather is nice, a restaurant, church fellowship area or even a banquet hall.

Once you have the baby shower date fixed and guests list ready, it is essential to select a theme for the baby shower. It will set the rhythm of the party and may influence the venue, decorations, menu as well as the invitations for the shower.

Sometimes, the hostess can play the spontaneity card and throw a surprise party for the mother-to-be. In such a case, ensure that she fulfills and is appreciative of this kind of stuff. Also, plan the guest list carefully by taking a close relative's help. Obviously a non-surprise baby shower is always less stressful and a lot safer. It allows you the time to plan and organize, review the guest list and enlist the help of the guest of honor so as not to make any blunders.

The most important elements of a baby shower are friendship, love and excitement of a new born joining the community of friends and relatives. There are several fun themes, games and ideas that one can have and play during the baby shower. All you need is to ensure that everyone is having a good time and the event remains memorable. It is vital to remember that all the planning is for the mom and then she should be absolutely comfortable. It's her special day and the hostess must accommodate her to the fullest.

Source by William Brister