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8 Perfect Steps on Having Fun With Your Bunny

Having fun with your bunny is the best part of having rabbits around. They are born playful and clever so having fun with your bunny is another way for you and your pet rabbit to bond and build a wonderful friendship. Rabbits are mischievous and you do not have any idea what those timid eyes are hiding. Once your rabbit built his trust on you, you will soon discover many hits from him that you will surely love.

Having fun with your bunny means playing with them or giving them something that will make them very busy especially when you are not home. rabbits can do many tricks and they do it by themselves. Just try to put them on the floor and observe on what they are capable of doing so. These fuzzy creatures are intelligent and they have their own way of having fun.

By giving them toys you are helping them lessen their stress. This is another important factor of having fun with your bunny. Toys need not to be expensive or branded as long as it is safe, free from any chemical such as lead and will give your pet rabbit's delight, then why not give them these kind of entertainment.

Here are some essential factors regarding having fun with your bunny:

1. Make homemade toys. These kinds of toys are much appreciated than any kind of toys by rabbits. Make castles from cardboards, toilet roll rings, baby toys such as rattles and balls with chimes and bells, and even newspaper and old telephone books are great toys.

2. You can also give them organic wicker basket for them to chew on.

3. Dried pine cones are one of their favorite toys.

4. Papers will also delight them because these are perfect for shredding.

5. Anything with perches they could climb on would be perfect.

6. Boxes with holes will make your pet rabbit happy and could also stimulate their brain activities.

7. Old tennis balls will also do.

8. Light weight cat toys are also good because they can play it with their paws.

8. Paper bags are also advisable for them to play with.

Having fun with your bunny means spending more time with them. Toys are just substitutes. Your presence is what they really want and need. Like kids, rabbits need someone they could play with. Any games will not be as fun as with if you have playmates you could play with, right? If you don ot have any of the given examples, just sit on the floor and let your pet rabbit do some exploring on you. Let him search your pockets for hidden veggies. This could bring so much fun as well.

Source by Anthony Carle